Example of AzureFilm Bamboo Wood filament.
  • Example of AzureFilm Bamboo Wood filament.

Bamboo AzureFilm Wood PLA 1.75 mm 750 g


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Smells and feels like wood.
Contains 40% recycled wood.
750 g of filament on a spool.

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Do you want a unique 3D print that has the smell and feel of wood? Then you're on the right track with AzureFilm Wood filament, which combines 40% recycled wood and 60% polymers.

This excellent blend makes it possible to extrude this type of filament with similar properties as PLA; similar heat resistance is especially important.

The printed items have both the smell and appearance of natural wood, and the physical properties resemble natural wood. It is even possible to finish as wood: sanding, staining, etc.

For good results, print at a hotend temperature of 195-215 °C, and a heatbed temperature of 60 °C.

AzureFilm Wood filament is vacuum sealed and contains a bag of silica gel that absorbs moisture.

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Data sheet

Diameter tolerance
+/- 0.02 mm
Weight (filament)
750 g
Heated bed
60 ˚C