Transparent Monocure 3D Rapid Resin 500 ml


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High quality good value resin.
Use with UV-LED, DLA and SLA 3D printers.
Odorless and low shrinkage (0.5%).
500 ml
of resin in a bottle.

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Monocure 3D Rapid resin allows you to print detailed subjects with good surface quality and excellent accuracy. The resin is designed and optimized for use with UV LED, DLP or SLA 3D printers, thanks to the wide polymerization range from 225 to 420 nanometers.

By combining a blend of photoinitiators, monomers and sensitizers, virtually any UV light source can start the polymerization process of Monocure Rapid 3D resin. 3D printed items can be painted after curing is completed. Paint keeps the item protected from sunlight. This ensures that items manufactured by Monocure 3D Rapid Resin remain stable and durable for extended periods of time.

After printing, the printed item must be cleaned of residual liquid unpolymerized resin. This can be done by immersing the subject in a bath of isopropyl alcohol for approx. 10 minutes. Then, the item must dry completely before curing under UV light (either in a curing chamber or under direct sunlight).

When handling the resin, always wear safety goggles and plastic gloves.

For the longest possible shelf life, Monocure 3D Rapid resin should be stored in a dark and cool place, with no direct sunlight.


Data sheet

500 ml
UV wavelength
225-420 nm


Safety data sheet

Monocure 3D Rapid Resin

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