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Filament you know in new exciting colours:

AzureFilm Luminous Yellow (glow-in-the-dark):

AzureFilm PETG

AzureFilm Flexible 85A

AzureFilm PET/CF

PET filament mixed with 15% carbon fiber, extremely heat resistant: 125 °C for up to 3 hours, 100 °C for 10 hours or more. Low weight, high stiffness and good mechanical strength characterize this filament.

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A single new model was added to the collection. A square flowerpot that fits flowerpots with a diameter of 9 cm. You can also plant in it directly if you print it with enough outer layers to be waterproof.

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Print your very own Rancor from Star Wars! The model from ChaosCoreTech is full of cool details, and can be printed without any kind of supports.

Download the model here(what are you waiting for?):

Resin Comb

Smart little tool that you can use to quickly filter particles or stir the resin, without emptying the contents of the vat.

Download the model here:

Links og guides

Billie Ruben 3D printing posters

Billie has created a number of posters with tips and shortcuts for 3D printing. Subjects such as resin print, CAD design, bed leveling are rounded. Print them out and hang them next to your printer.

Visit Billies page here:

All you need to know about infill

An excellent and in-depth blog post from Prusa, about the different types of infill you can use in 3D printing. Pros and cons are highlighted in an informative way. Find out when to use gyroid rather than adaptive cubic infill.

Find the blog post here:

How to assemble 3D prints

Another informative (albeit a bit long) blog post from Prusa. This time it's about the different types of glue you can use to assemble your 3D prints with.

Read the blog post here:

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