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New volume discounts

There have been several requests to get a discount when buying a few more rolls of filament at the same time. This is something we at filament.nu thought made very good sense, so we have now introduced general volume discounts.

There is a 5% discount when buying 3 rolls and a 10% discount when buying 6 or more rolls.

The quantity discount can be combined across all types of filament in the shop, so you can for example. buy one roll of Filamentive ONE PET, two rolls of Fiberlogy EASY PET-G and get 5% off the entire order.

See more at https://filament.nu/gb/2-filament

In stock

Fiberlogy EASY PET-G

Finally in stock! Fiberlogy EASY PET-G Refill is now in stock in the colors black and white, even at a sharp intro price.

It is the same well-known principle as EASY PLA Refill, which requires you to have a MasterSpool-compatible spool to attach the filament to. You can print the spool yourself, buy it from filament.nu, or get a free one when you buy a minimum of 2 rolls of refill filament.

See more at https://filament.nu/gb/41-refill-easy-pet-g

See all Refill filament at https://filament.nu/gb/50-refill

Filamentative PLA Matte

Around October 7th, black and off-white PLA Matte filament should arrive from English Filamentive. It is a really exciting filament that has an amazing matte finish.

See more at https://filament.nu/gb/37-pla-matte


It is soon Halloween and in order to have your prints ready you should start sooner rather than later. To help find the colours you need we have created a special category where we have collected some of the special colors that make a good Halloween print.

See more here https://filament.nu/gb/46-halloween

Models for Halloween

We have selected some models that can be printed for Halloween. They are all by Nicholas Dimelow, https://www.thingiverse.com/bugman_140/about.

Spider Column

The pillar and spider can be printed separately, which can be quite a challenge.

Link to Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3883689


It is clearly recommended to print the contents of the cauldron in transparent filament, so you can mount a LED light for effect.

Link to Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3851470

Triple Coven

Another challenging print where you can mount an LED light. Again, it is recommended to print the flame in some transparent filament.

Link to Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3873639

Links and guides

Model-making programs for 3D printing

Once again, @BillieRubenMake has created a great guide for you to get started with 3D modeling.


All metal hotend guide


Remember to lubricate the Z-axis


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