Summer Sale - Until August 31, we have a 15% discount on filament from Filamentive, and 8% on filament from Fiberlogy

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Filamentive PLA Cosmic in stock

We have Filamentive PLA Cosmic in stock in red and blue. There really is glitter for all the money! As always with Filamentive, the environment is also thought of. The spool is made of cardboard and PLA Cosmic is made of up to 10% recycled material, while retaining the same good properties as regular PLA: easy to print, low warping and no bad odors.

Read more about PLA Cosmic here:

Big spools

After several inquiries about big spools it is now possible to order spools with up to 8+ kg filament on! Filamentive delivers their rPLA in the size of 8.5 kg and it available for ordering today.

Fiberlogy EASY PLA is available on 2.5 kg spools; these are in stock. They can supply spools with EASY PLA as well as EASY PET-G of 8.0 kg; however, there are up to 3 weeks lead times, as well as order minimum. Please contact us for more details.

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Bed leveling guide from Twitter

@BillieRubenMake has posted an excellent guide for helping you when leveling your heat bed. This is highly recommended if you use manual bed leveling, and have been frustrated by it more than once.

Original tweet from Billie Ruben:

Link to higher resolution edition:


Filament Sample Spool by PyScripts

Spool that can be used with 50g and 200g samples is highly recommended! Download the model here

Sandcastle by Jukka Seppaänen

Another really nice and detailed model from Jukka. Find it here:

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