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Reseller of Filamentive

filament.nu has officially become a reseller of filament from English Filamentive. They are known for their focus on recycling plastics in their filament production. They have since February offered ONE PET filament, which is made of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

Find Filamentive ONE PET here: https://filament.nu/gb/33-one-pet

More information about Filamentive here: https://www.filamentive.com

Fiberlogy EASY PET-G

It was not long ago that EASY PET-G from Fiberlogy was launched. The interest from the customers has been great and the material has been well received.

In continuation of the good reception, Fiberlogy has just announced that they will offer EASY PET-G as a refill to the MasterSpool system from the beginning of August. It will of course be available from filament.nu, and more info will come as soon as we have a more accurate delivery date.

Find EASY PET-G here: https://filament.nu/gb/24-easy-pet-g


It has taken some time, but out material guide has finally been launched in the first edition. It is intended to help inform of the properties of the individual materials, and hopefully help the reader choose the right filament for their project.

So far it covers the materials PLA, PET and PETG. We are expanding it continuously, and any comment are welcome.

Find it here: https://filament.nu/gb/content/7-materials

We have also written a guide to the different types of spools we sell with filament. There are dimensions, as well as material and weight for spools from Fiberlogy as well as Filamentive. Especially the weight of the spool can be nice to have if you are unsure whether there is enough filament left or not.

Get to know the different spools here: https://filament.nu/gb/content/9-spools

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