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Natural Fiberlogy BVOH on spool
  • Natural Fiberlogy BVOH on spool
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Natural Fiberlogy BVOH 1.75 mm 500 g

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High quality natural Polypropylene 3D printer filament.
Water soluble, perfect for supports.
850g of filament on a spool.

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This water-soluble BVOH filament allows for printing complex models. The postprocessing involves immersing the print in warm water. As a result, BVOH supports completely disintegrate, revealing the finished model. Waste material can be disposed of in your home sewage system.

The BVOH filament can be used in combination with other popular filaments: PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASA, Nylon, elastic filaments (e.g. TPU), etc.

This combined with a diameter tolereance of +/- 0,02 mm makes it possible to print very precise and complicated models with a properly calibrated 3D printer.

All Fiberlogy BVOH spools are packaged in a vacuum sealed bag with silica gel, in order to keep moisture to a minimum.

IMPORTANT: The filament should be stored in a dry place, e.g. in a sealed bag, to avoid moisture and the resulting deterioration of its properties.

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Data sheet

Diameter tolerance
+/- 0.02 mm
Weight (filament)
500 g
190-220 ˚C
Heated bed


TDS Fiberlogy BVOH

Technical data sheet for Fiberlogy BVOH

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MSDS Fiberlogy BVOH

Material safety data sheet for Fiberlogy BVOH

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