At we are of the belief that good quality filament with low tolerances is important for a good experience with 3D print - who hasn't tried to print something with filament of a questionable quality with consistently poor results.

That's why we at have set out to offer high quality filament. We primarily sell filament produced by Fiberlogy which has won several awards for their filament production. In addition to this, we also carry products from Filamentive, which is known for their quality, as well as filament made from recycled material.

We sell filament in many variations: PLA, PETG, PET, Mineral, Wood, Flex etc. We always have at least 200 spools in stock.

If you, against expectation, cannot find what you are looking for or lack guidance, it is always possible to reach us at +45 4295 3997 or via

When you have placed your order you just want it as fast as possible. That is why we prepare your order the same day and make sure that it is shipped with GLS inside 24 hours, if your order was placed before 2 PM. It is also possible to pick it up at the company address. wants to be the preferred supplier of filament for your 3D printer.

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